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Polyform US  |  SKU: 38-727-323

CC-Series Mooring and Marker Buoy CC-4

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Color: White
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CC Mooring Buoy Instructions

instructional image showing how to secure a Polyform CC Mooring buoy with chains, shackles and pennants

When using the CC-Series as a mooring buoy, please follow these simple instruction to achieve the maximum use and durability of this product:

  • While the buoy is uninflated, lubricate both the tube and a rigid PVC pipe.
  • Cut the pipe so it extends 3" (8 cm) beyond the buoy's top and bottom.
  • Run a suitable size pin for your load through the top of the pipe.
  • Attach the shackle to the chain at the bottom of the buoy.



Polyform’s CC-Series buoys share the same legendary history as our A-Series. Developed shortly after the A-Series, the CC has proven to be a valuable commercial buoy for over 50 years. It is used regularly as a mooring buoy, but because of its strength and flexible center tube it is used in many other applications. Like our HTM-Series fenders the CC's hole-through-middle design has a large number of applications and is used by long-line fisherman, fish farmers, geophysical researchers towing sonic exploration equipment, and many others who find the CC-Series to be the best buoy for the job. People who use Polyform’s CC buoys can count on reliable performance, even in the most extreme conditions.


  • Even wall thickness for maximum strength and durability
  • Polyform's unique and durable vinyl valve system
  • Strong and versatile hole-through-middle design
  • Reinforced flexible center tube
  • Excellent choice for a mooring buoy
  • Offered in a wide range of brilliant, high-visibility colors
  • Made in the USA
chart showing sizes of Polyform US CC-Series mooring buoys


  • Inflation Adapter


Spare Parts

  • Valve Screw


CC Series Mooring and Marking Buoys Size Chart

Hole through center mooring and marker buoy, Polyform CC-4 White

CC-Series Mooring and Marker Buoy CC-4

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