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Polyform US  |  SKU: 90-348-244

LD-Series Low Drag Buoy LD-2 Navy Blue Ropehold

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Color: White
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Product Dimensions

Low Drag Design

Unique shape and rib design lower drag and allow the buoy to "skip" along the surface upon retrieval.



In 1989, we introduced the first patented low-drag buoy to the commercial fishing industry. Hauling in a 700-lb crab pot in 30-ft seas is the most dangerous job in the world. That's why we created a buoy designed for faster, safer pickups, easing strain on both crew and gear. Polyform's LD-Series is the best option for any application where a buoy is dragged or brought in and out of the water regularly. It is distinguished as the #1 buoy used in the commercial crabbing and fishing industries today, outselling all other dragged buoys combined.


  • LD reduces drag by as much as 80% compared to standard round buoys
  • Great choice for any offshore fishing application
  • Polyform's vinyl valve system maintains buoy inflation
  • Even wall thickness for maximum strength and durability
  • Heavy-duty reinforced rope hold
  • Offered in a wide range of brilliant, high-visibility colors
  • Excellent fore and aft rafting protection
  • Made in the USA
chart showing sizes of Polyform US LD-Series buoys and boat fenders


  • Spliced Eye Boat Fender Line FL 1/2″ × 8′

  • Boat Fender Line FL 1/2″ x 8'

  • Inflation Adapter


Spare Parts

  • Valve Screw


LD Series Buoys Size Chart

White inflatable low drag buoy, Polyform LD-2

LD-Series Low Drag Buoy LD-2 Navy Blue Ropehold

From $111.83 AUD


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