The NF-Series Boat Fender, one of Polyform's newest innovations, features multiple-ribbed, reinforced ropeholds, making it the strongest fender in its class. The NF Series is an extra tough, recreational-boating fender and a good choice for use in boat locks and tidal areas where fenders are exposed to high stress situations. The NF Series is designed to last and stand up in the toughest conditions as well as being compact for easy storage in smaller craft.

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NF Series Features
  • The NF Series blends the styling of the G Series (the world's most copied fender) and the multi-ribbed ropehold of the F Series (the strongest fender in its class).
  • Sleek one-color styling
  • Reinforced twin-eye ropeholds for flexibility and durability
  • Designed for medium - duty use in both permanent protected and unprotected moorings
  • Unique Polyform valve for years of service.
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Fenders/NF Series Size Chart

Boat fenders and yacht fender size chart, Polyform NF-Series

Fenders Metric Size Chart

Model NF-3 NF-4 NF-5
Size (diameter x length) 14.2 x 48.3 cm 16.3 x 54.9 cm 22.6 x 68.1 cm
Eye Diameter 1.6 cm 1.9 cm 1.9 cm
Circumference 44.7 cm 51.1 cm 70.1 cm
Volume 4.9 L 7.9 L 19.7 L
Pieces per carton 6 6 4

Fenders Imperial Size Chart

Model NF-3 NF-4 NF-5
Size (diameter x length) 5.6 x 19 in 6.4 x 21.6 in 8.9 x 26.8 in
Eye Diameter 0.625 in 0.75 in 0.75 in
Circumference 17.6 in 20.1 in 28 in
Volume 1.3 G 2.1 G 5.2 G
Pieces per carton 6 6 4